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Ladyslug; spawned amongst the mist of Cuban cigars and honey in early 2016;
they are the melting pot of nu-jazz & eclectic soul you have been waiting for.

Carving soundscapes with enough jazz to take home to yo mama, they have been labelled "multi-dimensional freaks" and traverse a plethora of genre, era and influence.

Hailing from Lismore, NSW, Ladyslug took the stage by storm in 2016 with the release tour of their debut, self-titled EP, playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle & Mullumbimby Music Festival.

Fusing hectic polyrhythmic keys, a phat rhythm section, euphonium, sax, and lead vocals that kick you to the curb and call your folks - Ladyslug's sound is a curvaceous navigation between the chaos and the calm.

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