Liam Wright grew up in Canberra and has lived in the Nation's Capital for his whole life. Being inspired by music from a young age, Liam's parents always encouraged it. Growing up, he listened to the likes of Richard Clapton, Paul Kelly, Aussie Crawl, Dire Straits etc... singing along in the back seat of the car on long road trips which would go through a couple of "My Generation" albums. From the age of 9 years, Liam started learning guitar and was quickly introduced to singing by his teacher. Progressing rapidly for his age he started song-writing, "Being able to write songs from a young age has definitely helped me develop into the writer i am today and all the terrible songs I wrote when I was twelve have definitely improved my song-writing." 

At the beginning of 2016, Liam Wright, released his first demo ‘Ocean Dream’. This was the start of his goal to become a successful musician. Busking and playing gigs around town the year was a start of something new. Playing music had always meant a lot to Liam and after many years he finally decided to put himself out there. Now just after a year has past and he has come so far. His solo act contains mostly acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion such as stompbox etc... whilst rocking an Alternative/ Indie/ Roots style.

With the release of his second demo ‘Depth Below’ Liam was noticed by musician Jack Biilmann and producer Matt Barnes. Now after launching two successful singles ‘Anymore’ and ‘Younger’, Liam speaks about how the pair have helped him enormously with his introduction into the music scene. With a lot of more work to come he believes that It is the start of something good. Now Liam has finished school, 2017 is already proving to be busy. He's just released a new single which had it’s premier on Triple J’s program ‘Roots N All’. Now with his first EP album recorded, the first record from Liam will be released in early June. 

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