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Luke Yeoward is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Luke fell in love with music from a young age and taught himself to play the acoustic guitar handed down to him by his mother. His journey began as a street performer at just 10 years old and his musical river flowed through his teens and twenties, carving its way through several different projects, genres and countries.

Inspired by the likes of Joe Strummer, Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen, Yeoward’s debut album Ghosts, opens with the fitting title track and serves as an explosive return for the Australian rock heavyweight. A tender, Dylan-esque organ softens the rampant guitar riffs and crashing drum rhythm while Luke’s nostalgic, signature tone steers the track into full force. Described by Luke as “a positive kick up the arse”, “Ghosts” lays the foundation for the rest of the album.

“’Ghosts’ is a reminder that anything is possible and anything can change. It’s never too late. The forgotten will be counted. In this instance, music is the instigator of action. It only takes a split second for something to happen.”  - Luke Yeoward explains

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