Fresh off the back of a string of major shows, celebrating the release of her latest single ‘Think Twice’, Mojo Juju is set to get up close an personal with her audience. 


Teaming up with Parlour Gigs and stripping back her band, Juju will showcase her latest musical incarnation, yet another bold and seemingly effortless evolution in style, which heralds her upcoming third album, due for release in early 2018.

With a heady mix of futuristic soul, break beats, r’n’b swagger and buttonholing grooves which perfectly couch Juju’s rapid fire lyrical flow, the songs swing from deeply personal to weighty, timely and insightful political observations, with fluid ease and matchless cool. 

Performing solo or alongside her brother Steve, (depending on the location), these shows will see Juju at her most intimate, allowing for a much closer look at the stories behind the songs. Known for her dynamic live shows, sonic shape-shifting, soulful voice and witty lyricism, Juju is unlike any other, and in this rare format, unique for Parlour, hosts and their guests will be treated to a show unlike any other. 

How does this thing work?

Once we confirm your gig you will be sent a secret URL to sell tickets to your mates. Parlour gigs are invite only. 

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