Nathan Cavaleri was first introduced to Australia aged just seven, when the Today show covered his meeting with one of his guitar heroes, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. This came about after Nathan was diagnosed with leukaemia aged six, a year later (while still undergoing treatment) he was granted his wish to meet Knopfler through the Starlight Foundation.

By age 12 Nathan was basically a veteran. He’d toured around the world and befriended another hero, blues legend B.B King. In 1995 King asked Nathan to perform for him with Bonnie Raitt, Dr John, Etta James and Joe Lewis Walker at his Presidential Award ceremony in 1995. That also meant Nathan got to meet Bill and Hillary Clinton at the White House.

Now 34, Nathan is also a father to 20 month old Byron.

“That in itself has taught me so much,” Nathan says of fatherhood. “I can understand why parents don’t want to tell their kids how much they learn with them because it messes with the hierarchy, but it’s true.”

Nathan still has his feet firmly planted in the industry, but with a world of life-experience behind him, now has a focus on mental health and life-balance. He is currently working as a composer at Sydney’s SongZu while exploring new ways of making and sharing his music and experiences.

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