It’s no secret that when you think of the founders of the Australian Hip Hop tapestry, N’Fa Jones is a house-hold name after his huge contribution through 1200 Techniques.
Known for his incredible solo album Cause an Effect where he collaborated with world re-known artists and producers including Roots Manuva, Mr Yoshiaki (Black Eyed Peas), DJ Peril (1200 Techniques) and Deceptikonz (Dawn Raid Entertainment),  N’fa left our shores for a two and half year stint in Europe where he rocked underground London bars and clubs. His energetic live show saw him performing to thousands in various shows and festivals across Europe where he finally found himself winning the Camden Crawl breakthrough artist award under alias No Fixed Abode.

It wasn’t long after however, his return to the Australian home grown scene of Hip Hop, saw him collaborating with Melbourne based record label House Of Beige (HOB). His continued contribution to HOB allowed N’fa to produce, feature and create unique tracks with label signees, Hau, Cazeux O.S.L.O, Billie Hoyle, Man Made Mountain, DJ Mz Rizk and Serene. This also included, N’fa supporting Remi and Sensible J on their sold out tour, performing in Melbourne.

N’Fa’s second solo album Black + White Noise saw further exploration into a stunning use of synths, an unrivalled exploitation of styles and features from Roots Manuva and ARIA award winning producer M-Phazes. 1200 Techniques later released an EP "Time Has Come" that boasted incredible single “Flow is Trouble” collaborating with none other than The Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface killah.

Now, amidst opening a Creole Café (Kalimba) and raising 2 sons, N’fa has managed to find space to release his new project "Cool Out Sun," a creative collective series of works involving House Of Beige and friends. The original album is deeply rooted in Afro Brazilian folklore and the religion of Candomblé, with dawn-of-man rhythms and eerie vocals. After chopping it up, layering drums and keyboards and recording some live instrumentation from some talented friends, Billy Hoyle released the instrumental works. Jones being a cohort and good friend of Hoyle (and fellow artist on label House of Beige), couldn't get enough of the record and eventually decided he had to take a shot at writing over the pieces as they felt so fit for vocals.

Only weeks after the release of Lament Not (Lamento De Exu), N’fa Jones is back with more stunning visuals from the imaginative new outfit Cool Out Sun.
Tireless in his constant contribution to the local scene, N’fa drops Time For Love (Tempo De Amor), a colourful introduction to creative independence. The clip begins with a cameo from Billy Hoyle (Man Made Mountain and fellow House Of Beige artist) and portrays N’fas linguistic approach to disregarding conformity, exploring rhythmic syllabic flows.

The second artistic piece from the two’s collaborative reworks Os Afro Sambas (originally by Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraes), Jones encourages you to explore your own individuality, saturated in the inviting sunlight of a Melbourne morning.
With a full LP in the works for release later this year, Cool Out Sun are exploring a worldly sound unrivalled in Australian music.

Free in its creative exploration, N’fa encourages you to wake up, cool down and just do you. The Time For Love is now.
(Watch the clip below!)

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