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Nick Barker has been a fixture of the Melbourne Music scene for half his life, from the “Little Band” scene of the early 80’s to his “Public” debut in 1989 with “Nick Barker and the Reptiles”, then his acclaimed first solo album “Happyman” (which spawned the Triple J hottest 100, top 20 placed, “Timebomb” and beyond).

Solo or with his band, Nick is an outstanding performer. This is evidenced by his many recordings and live performances. Nick is a working musician, a ‘tradesman’, he plays constantly.

Over the years, Nick has toured Australia, Brazil, the UK and Europe, and there is no doubt he is a great live performer. Once of Nick’s greatest attributes is that he has the ability to read his audiences and is humorous and thoughtful with his delivery and his music.

Musically, Nick does not fall into one specific category and this is not surprising after such a successful and diverse career. His songs are his strength, he has written songs for and with Linda and Vicka, Jimmy Barnes and Paul Kelly to mention a few and is still going strong.

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