Adelaide born and bred series, The Porch Sessions is hitting the road. Now it’s fourth summer, this concept has seen to explore the backyards of the burbs, transforming people’s gardens into little travelling festivals all around town. Amidst a season of eight shows based in Adelaide, now for the first time ever, The Porch Sessions are packing up a convoy of vans and caravans and are headed interstate with three spectacular artists in tow, and anyone else who fancies.
7 Porches
6 Vans & Caravans
5 Full Moons.
4 Thousand Kilometers,
3 musicians,
2.5 weeks,
and 1 hell of a time.

We bring it all, we’ll be overflowing these vessels of transportation with musicians,photographers, sound engineers, event crew, porch family, porch friends and any other vibey character that fancies an adventure. Not to mention every Persian rug we own, every globe of festoon light and every awkwardly cut triangle that makes up our classic Porch Session bunting, ready to pimp out the spaces of many. We’ll be tracing the coast of southeastern Australia, transforming an entirely different coastal porch, every third day. These porches of which, if you live in one of the below destinations, could be yours.

We're absolutely stoked to be partnering up with these legends to help power the first official Porch Sessions tour!

Got Questions? Read our Info Page or Call us on 1800 465 972.