Host Details

Well hello there! Cheers for considering putting your humble abode up to host a Porch Session. It is not without people like you that a series like this can happen, so biggest of thanks to you! Here’s a little overview of what it is we actually do. We can’t wait to meet with you and hopefully bring some porch glory to your garden.

What is IT that we actually do?

We transform your garden into a little backyard festival musical for one evening in the warmer months. We fill your backyard with acoustic music, local food and wine and of course the decorations, we swoop through your space, laying it with Persian rugs, hanging lights, bunting, cushions and everything in between, including the ever glamourous of things like public liability insurance to cover your space, allowing you to have a carefree, magical evening surrounded by porch friends.

Lead Up

We will pop over to your house for a cup of tea and a scope out of your front/backyard. Once we confirm that it’ll work for both parties, we literally do everything from here.

On the weekend of.

On the morning of the event, a team of us porchies bump in from around 10 am through until event time, transforming your space. During this time the toilets, food vans, artists, coffee, sweets and sound man also bump in. From 4pm the event begins and we all have a jolly time listening to the best in up and coming acoustic folk music. The event will approximately be wrapped up at 9:30 - 10:00 PM and the entire team will pack down the event within 1.5 hours of the event closing, with only the toilets left to be picked up the following morning and the sweet sweet memories of a great evening are to remain.

What We Provide:

The bands
Food Van & Dessert Caterer, sometimes coffee too.
A bar with delicious wine, beer & cider
The décor (Persian rugs, bunting, festoon lights, lanterns, cushions, signage)
The staff (Bar, Door, MC, Set up and Pack Down crew)
The Liquor License
Public Liability Insurance
All ticketing services
A professional photographer
A professional videographer
All tools necessary to make these show’s happen

What we’ll need from you!

Access to your Power Source for event day (music amplification & lighting)
Access to your porch on event day – 10am to 11:30pm
Use of one indoor room / garage for a green room for the bands
Notification of any parking restrictions in street

What you’ll get

A sensational evening of beautiful music on your porch!
Free tickets for the residents of the household.
A glorious number of free drink cards and meal vouchers for household residents to be reimbursed at the bar and food van on the evening. We also provide you with a secret allocation of up to 50 tickets. As these shows sell out quite quickly, we want to ensure you are surrounded by friends and family, so we pop a bunch of tickets into a separate secret allocation just for you.


Ticket cost - $27 + booking fee
Event times 4pm – 9:30pm
Ticketing available through Parlour


What if I really do not want my address posted on Parlour?

No stress! We keep the location of these shows entirely secret, outside of
suburb disclosure, so the only people who will have your address are those
who have purchased tickets, this is sent to them 24 hours prior

I don’t want strange people in my house!

This is the first concern that people have. Understandably so. There is no need for any guest to enter your house. The event literally takes place in the complete surrounding of your abode. The clientele we have traditionally had at the sessions has evolved from word of mouth and friends of friends that come along. It’s a really mixed age demographic of a lovely nature, who are respectful of your home as well as the artists – it’s truly something magic to be a part of! I have attached a testimonial from a previous porch host as well below.

Do I have to help?

No! You can gaze on at the team all day long and drink beers if you like, with the exception of pointing us in the right direction for power points and such, you can absolutely take a load off.

What about the neighbours?

We always provide a little note for each of your 100 closest neighbours from The Porch Sessions, detailing the event to notify them of what will be happening, hand delivered, one week prior. We also offer another secret allocation of tickets to your neighbours, we loving having neighbours and their families along to these shows too.

How many people come?
Depending on the size of your yard, but we normally work to a 150 capacity.

What kind of music is it?
We program the line up with soft Sunday tunes, booking across acoustic, folk, blues and soul music to keep it relaxed and appealing to your surrounding residents.


We provide punters with public transport options and encourage car pooling
to minimise traffic surrounding your property. We are also exploring a
partnership with Uber.


We provide a coverage of Public Liability Insurance, to ensure the safety of people within your space, the moment we are on your land, this is enforced. Do ask us ( if you’d like to see a certificate of currency for this.

Anything else I should Know?

In the build up to these events, we liaise with the council of your area as well as the police, to inform them of what is happening and ensuring we keep everyone safe. We have held over 25 shows in the past three years without a single issue or complaint, the police and councils are most often happy to have this concept in their area, bringing together the community in a relaxed
and safe environment.

Porch Host Testimonial

A note from previous porch hosts February 2014:

“Prospective Porchee’s

Hi there,
I have been asked by the wonderful and effervescent Sharni Honor to provide a little feedback about our experience as Porch Hosts. It is my total pleasure to say that we had hosted not 1 but 2 nights on our Porch over the weekend in February and we would honestly do it all over again in a heartbeat! Sharni and her team are professional, personable, efficient, punctual, tidy and very very fast operators. They will arrange everything that is needed to make event smooth sailing with little fuss to you the host. The bonus is you get to enjoy a feast and wonderland of sweet tunes on your porch, witness an amazing transformation of lights, buntings, props and soft cushions that turns your porch into some kind of magical space for the evening. And as quick as you can say ‘jack robbin’ the team whirl in after the festivities and leave the place so dam spotless you wonder why you don’t host every week .

From the 2 nights we hosted all I can say is that the attendee’s were respectful and mindful of the space they were in. We loved sharing our space for the 4 hours and loved watching the whole night unfold. Even better you get to sit down with a fine wine or ale and tune into some amazing talent whilst feasting on yummy wholesome food. All in the comfort of your own Porch…!!

So I say…what are you waiting for…a beautiful night for all to be had in the comfort of your home. Its such a great concept and really such an honor (pardon the pun) to host some amazing artists on your very own Porch…

With all sincerest and best wishes”

Monique and Michael Leverington (Feb 2014 hosts)

Got more questions? Email Sharni on or call us on 1800 465 972.