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This is CHANGE COLOURS, the new album from the chart-topping Reece Mastin, but it’s so much more than simply the latest recording from a highly successful young pop idol.

After the first listen, you’ll realise CHANGE COLOURS represents a quantum leap in Reece Mastin’s music career.

CHANGE COLOURS is the sound of the singer transforming into a true artist, a gifted young talent maturing into a poignant songwriter and dynamic, emotionally fearless performer.

CHANGE COLOURS is a classic rock & roll album, pure and simple. It’s high on raw feelings, with songs ripped straight out of real-life experiences that cut to the heart of the matter, delivered with epic vocal performances from Reece.

For all the remarkable success he’s enjoyed since winning that talent show in 2011 as an unknown 16-year-old – including chart-topping singles, both previous albums reaching the top three of the national charts (2011’s 2x platinum self-titled debut at #2 and its follow-up, 2012’s Beautiful Nightmare at #3) – for all that phenomenal success, it’s only now, at age 20 with the release of CHANGE COLOURS that Reece himself feels his true music making journey has finally begun in earnest.

“My biggest thing for this whole record was honesty,” says Reece. “I’m very open now and I’m very comfortable to be like this. I feel like I’ve got a weight lifted off my shoulders and it’s a new beginning. I’m comfortable with everything – I think that’s the biggest thing and it’s made this process so much more fun for me.

“It’s been very organic and therapeutic for me because lyrically there’s a lot of stuff in there that I needed to talk about. When I sing it, I can put more passion into it because it’s honest, it’s real, it’s things that actually happened. There’s no point in me lying to my fans because they’re the ones buying the music and they want to hear about what I'm going through, they deserve the truth. Everyone has their own struggles and experiences, I don’t want to pretend.”

This unfiltered honesty occasionally makes for some confronting listening, especially in the no-holds-barred approach of songs such as “For You”, the achingly straight-up “I Don’t Love You Anymore” and the thumping “You Gotta Go”.

This is not to suggest CHANGE COLOURS is some sort of somber collection of hymns for the lonesome and brokenhearted. For the most part, it’s hard, fast, exuberant, life-loving rock & roll. For each of CHANGE COLOURS’s glorious slower contemplative moments (the spirit-lifting “Even Angels Cry” or the delicately gorgeous “Down To Earth”, a duet with Nashville-based Australian songstress Alys Ffion), there are countless celebratory and powerful, arms-in-the-air rockers: “You Could Be Wild”, “Right Out Of Me”, “We’ve Already Won” and the album’s lead single and opening track “Lockdown”, to name but a few.

Reece is quick to point out that none of this transition would have been possible without the support team that’s grown around him. There’s a new record label, Social Family Records, while Reece’s long-time collaborator Ben Rodgers has stepped into role of album producer and co-songwriter on most of these new tracks. Just as significantly, Mahalia Barnes, has taken over managing Reece’s career “She’s a God-send, she’s saved me,” Reece says.

These pivotal relationships have opened up a whole new music world to Reece. For starters, the majority of CHANGE COLOURS was recorded in the privacy and intimate surrounds of Jimmy Barnes’ own Freight Train studios in Sydney, with drums and strings later added in Los Angeles. Jimmy himself also makes a cameo on CHANGE COLOURS as backing vocalist on “You Gotta Go”. Among the other super guest stars appearing on the album are The Living End’s Chris Cheney (who co-wrote “We’ve Already Won” and provides the guitar solo on “You Gotta Go”) and Mark Lizotte (co-writer and co-producer on the grooving “Caged Paradise”).

If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience one of Reece’s live performances of late, you’ll have an inkling of what awaits here on CHANGE COLOURS. Gone is the pop star that shot to fame as an adolescent. In his place is a mature, self-assured artist with the all poise, charisma and swagger of a bourgeoning rock star with one helluva almighty voice.

As Reece says, for all his experience and success up until now, this is where it starts for real.

Everyone knows Reece Mastin has already created his own slice of Australian music history, but that may as well be ancient history now.

Forget what you think you know about Reece Mastin. Everything you need to know is unedited right here on this exhilarating new work, CHANGE COLOURS. There is what was. And now there’s this, the beginning of the real deal.

This is Reece Mastin – CHANGE COLOURS. Enjoy.

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