November - March

“Think Springsteen meets the Pogues, glorious and visceral folk music, with a dark undercurrent.” - Post To Wire 

"A rousing and visceral foot-stomping contemporary folk attack" - Mick Thomas, Weddings Parties Anything

“Fantastic songwriter… the real deal!” - Dobe Newton & Roger Corbett - The Bushwackers

"Beautiful... Captivating" - Paul Gough, ABC Radio National's Inside Sleeve

"Rich Davies took our breath away." - Desert Highways

"Darkly Poetic"  - Tone Deaf

With a poet's heart and rocker's soul, Rich Davies & The Low Road deliver a 'foot-stomping contemporary folk attack' (Mick Thomas). 

Hailed as 'The Pogues meets Springsteen', and having spent most of the last 18 months on the road, the award winning songwriter and his formidable band are renowned for their rousing live show, as they peel back the skin of rock’n’roll to expose bones of folk and roots. 

Davies spent his formative years in Scottish folk clubs steeped in the ethos of the genre, and his second album, Ghosts, has seen him reconnect with that world, placing song craft front and centre, with his heart-wrung voice leading the charge.

Rich Davies is available for Parlour Gigs (as full band, stripped back band, duo or solo) from November to March.

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