Australian music hasn’t thrown up too many genuine auteurs – figures whose creative vision and breadth of skills encompasses and infuses the entire process of making a record. Think of artists like Prince or Björk. Lawrie is one such figure. She is the rarest of the rare. Sabrina does it all. She is a great songwriter, a superb live performer, a crack guitarist (and pretty much anything else she wants to play, performing almost all the instruments on her recent album), and a singer of enormous power and depth who also co-produces her own music.

Her unique mixture of dark pop, brooding earth rock and cosmic noise and psychedelia, all topped by a voice that has no right to explode from such a tiny frame, will lift you out of your reality and into another place. Her shape-shifting songs, which rarely follow conventional structures, are by turns aggressive and restrained, mind-bendingly strange, and often eerily beautiful.

Sabrina's new album 'Hush The Mountain' was released this year to great acclaim and has been bringing critics to their knees.  Rolling Stone Magazine awarded the record 4.5 stars and tote Lawrie as one of the hottest artists to watch in Australia right now.

"Hush The Mountain is an album which stretches out luxuriously, a dextrous melding of menacing and low, with light and clear." - Samuel J Fell - Rolling Stone Magazine

The record has been picked up by communities all over Australia and is gathering new fans abroad as well. 612ABC made 'Hush The Mountain' it's feature album of the week in July and Steve Austin invited Sabrina into the studio to speak candidly about her journey from Brisbane rock chick to music professional.  Watch the full interview HERE 

Sabrina has overcome some monumental challenges in the past 12 months with breaking her back being the biggest to navigate. The healing journey that she embarked on through her recovery has brought about a profound life change and now being able to connect with people through her music and share this process, Sabrina is experiencing the release of the album in new and invigorating ways.

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