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Is a versatile guitarist/ singer/ songwriter covering a wide range of styles from Jazz to Alternative, Classic Rock, to Classical Guitar Arrangements.
He has experience with bands, duos, and a very serious songwriter, influenced by bands he grew up listening to in the 70s, 80s, 90s, to some current alternative rock. 
His solo act consists of classic rock medleys such as Crowded House, Split Enz, to Lennon, Bowie, Dire Straits, and Coldplay, as well as multiple classic songs, also including a whole set of Neil Diamond.

Hey Pat i might have to send youtube link separately as the file is too large. Probably be Speed of Sound Coldplay Cover or an older one like Tom Jones Delilah on acoustic guitar. I'm working on new original recording at the moment but have some older on youtube, and some more on bandcamp if you're interested.

Fees I'm unsure of but min 300 sounds alright to me.
I'm probably just keen to travel around metro Melbourne and some surrounding areas. I live in Clayton or Notting Hill. 
Most of the fans on Facebook page are just friends and family, so i would love another avenue to find people who really want to hear the styles i play.

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