Melbourne, VIC

The Darling Downs is Kim Salmon (Scientists, The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Surrealists, Salmon, The Business, Precious Jules, Antenna, Runaways, with Spencer P Jones) on banjo and acoustic guitar and solo artist and Died Pretty front-man and songwriter Ron Peno.

The Darling Downs released two critically acclaimed albums, How Can I Forget This Heart Of Mine? (2005) and From One To Another (2007). After a spell working on other projects, in 2012 Kim and Ron began writing new songs and went back into the studio to record a third album of new material, for an album called In The Days When The World Was Wide to be released in June 2013.

Kim says: "Ron would say of this album that we’ve moved away from the Appalachias in the 1940s to Greenwich Village in the 1960s. There is a whole lot more Simon and Garfunkel here than before." 

What stays with the listener is a ghostly afterimage that plays on the heart like headlight patterns on a bedroom wall at 3AM, and an inexplicable but not unpleasant sense of yearning and loss. It's a … masterful work by two artists who have nothing to prove, and nothing to lose." - Tony Dale - Ptolemaic Terrascope

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