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 *Travel Time: Up to 2 hours from Melbourne. 

“The Ukes deliver Bowie with a darkness and delicacy that gives you goosebumps” — Angie Hart

“The best version of ‘Ashes To Ashes’ you ever heard” — Robert Forster

“Dignity and scope for the ukulele. The Thin White Ukes have set a new standard of what to expect from this humble instrument.”
Steve Kilbey

 “We love the Thin White Ukes!” - Courtney Barnett & Jen Cloher

With humble acoustic instruments and heart-stopping harmonies, the Thin White Ukes have thrown their arms around the world since the passing of their inspiration, David Bowie. 

The trio's intimate, lovingly handcrafted arrangements of the Duke's peerless back catalogue have teased the neck hairs of breathless crowds and drawn a stunning array of guest collaborators, including Jen Cloher, Steve Kilbey, Kim Salmon, Georgia Fields and Angie Hart.

Betty France, Michael Dwyer and Robert Stephens came together in 2014 to explore a mutual passion for the vast-ranging Bowie songbook, and the more dexterous possibilities of tenor, soprano and baritone ukuleles entwined.

A runaway hit of the 2015 David Bowie Is… exhibition at the Australian Centre For the Moving Image, the Ukes have since opened for the Models, Robert Forster, Mental As Anything and the Blackeyed Susans, and recorded an album of ingeniously reconstructed Bowie hits with Andrew Duffield.

The Thin White Ukes will make you smile — even when there's something in your eye. Put on your red shoes. They'll be floating in a most peculiar way.


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